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The Importance of a Professional Marine Survey for Your Boat or Yacht:

A marine survey is a detailed inspection of a boat for the purpose of determining its current condition, seaworthiness and value. In addition to a complete detailed description of the condition of the vessel and its’ components: machinery and equipment (navigational, safety, radio), the marine surveyor should also provide the following answers:

  • Is the the vessel safe to use in conditions for which it was designed?
  • What maintenance and repairs are required on the boat now?
  • What boat maintenance and repairs will likely be required in the near future?

A marine survey should always be completed before purchasing a boat. However, most buyers are not experienced enough, or mechanically inclined to a point where they can make an adequate evaluation on their own. Even those who are qualified benefit immensely from a second professional and unbiased opinion.

In addition to pre-purchase surveys, marine surveys are also needed to appraise the vessel for insurance underwriting or to assess the damage to a boat for an insurance claim.

Eaves Marine Solutions, Inc. offers Marine Surveys by an Accredited Marine Surveyor and has been providing marine surveys to boat owners and buyers throughout the Great Lakes and upstate New York area since 2002. With over 30 years in the marine industry and past owner of a marina and boat repair company on lake Ontario, E. Peter Eaves, president of Marine Solutions, has the nautical experience and skills to properly assess and survey boats of all types and sizes.

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